How do I use the app?

Using Mutual is as easy as signing up! We've broken down the three core features of the app:


  • Swiping: You see someone you like then swipe up otherwise swipe down (don't worry, we'll never notify someone that you swiped down on them. 
  • Matching: If you swipe up on a user and they reciprocate by doing the same then it's a match! To view matches just simply tap the conversation bubbles icon on the bottom menu in the middle.
  • Messages: After tapping the conversation bubbles icon on the bottom menu you'll be taken to the messaging section of the app. The top row contains all of your current matches that you have yet to message. To send one just simply tap on the desired profile and you'll be taken to a chat screen. Once you've sent a message then the chat history will appear below your recent connections. 

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