How do I use the app?

We've designed Mutual to be easy to use! After you've created your account make sure that Mutual has permission to use your location, and you should be good to start swiping on people's profiles!


One of the main components of Mutual is swiping on people's profiles. How you swipe will determine what happens next between you.

Swiping Up

If you like someone's profile, then swipe up on them! You can do this either by sliding your finger up on their photo, or by pressing on the heart icon while viewing their bio. If you are the first person to swipe between the two of you, then nothing will happen. You will just have to wait and see if the feeling is mutual. However, if the person you swiped up on has already swiped up on you, then you will match!

Swiping Down

If you don't like someone's profile, then swipe down on them. You can do this either by sliding your finger down on their photo, or by pressing on the "X" icon while viewing their bio. We do not notify someone that you swiped down on them, so you don't have to feel bad. You can reset your down swipes at any time and review these profiles if you are interested in giving them a second look.

Send a Message with a Swipe Up

With a normal swipe up, the person you swiped on will not know that you liked them unless you match. However, you can send a message with a swipe up, and your potential match will be able to see that message before they swipe on your profile!

To send a message with a swipe up:

  1. Tap on the person's main profile photo to pull up their bio.
  2. Long-press (tap and hold) on one of the bio details or photos that you find to be interesting. This will bring up the option to add a message with your like.
  3. Type out what you want to say.
  4. Tap "Send Like"

Undoing a Swipe

If you accidentally swiped the wrong direction on a profile then don't worry! You can undo your swipe! In the top right-hand corner you will see a circular back arrow. Just tap on that, view a brief ad, and the profile you just swiped on will come back!


If you swipe up on a person's profile and they do the same on your profile, then it's a match! To get started, tap the chat bubble icon on the bottom menu to navigate to your Chat screen. Your Chat screen is where all of your matches are located!

New Matches

At the top of the Chat screen you will see a "New Matches" section. Every new match will go here. They will stay in this section until someone makes the first move and sends a message. If nobody sends a message within 7 days, then the match will expire! Be sure to send a message to any match that you don't want to disappear!

Current Matches

Below the "New Matches" section you will see all of your current matches. If you slide your finger to the left on a match you will see three options:

  • Report: If your match has violated our Community Standards or Terms of Service in any way, then please report them so that we can investigate!
  • Unmatch: If you find that you just aren't connecting with your match the way you'd hope, then you can unmatch them to end the match.
  • Favorite: If you really like a match and you want it to be easily accessible, then you can favorite it to pin it to the top of your matches.

Archived Matches

If no messages are exchanged with a current match for 30 days, then the match will move to your Archived section (the little box icon in the top right of your Chat screen). If you go to your Archived section you can send an archived match a message to revive the match!


To send a message simply tap on the desired profile from your Chat screen and you'll be taken to the messaging section of the app. You are not limited on how many messages you can send. You can also send GIFs using GIPHY. Mutual does not support sending photos at this time. However, if you are a mutualUp subscriber, then you can video chat and see read receipts!

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