Why Do I Never Get Any New Likes?

Has the number of your total likes been "stuck" in the same place for a while now? If your likes total is "stuck" on the same number, then that means you have either matched with or swiped down on all of your likes that match your filter settings. Just so you know, swiping down on a like will remove it from your total. This means that if you swipe often, you will match with new likes or swipe down on them before they get added to your likes total. This makes the number of likes you have appear to be the same when in actuality, it is changing each day. Additionally, you will get some likes where you meet their search criteria, but they do not meet your search criteria, meaning that you never see them. This means the number of your likes can appear stuck at 0, 5, 15, or any other number even though you are still getting likes.

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