Protecting Yourself from Sexual Assault and Dating Violence

What can you do to protect yourself from sexual assault and dating violence?

There's actually a lot you can do!

  • Always meet your dates in public places.
  • Don't get into a person's vehicle that you don't know well.
  • Take your own transportation to your dates.
  • Tell your family or friends where you are going and what time you expect to be back. Share your location with them.
  • If someone tries to coerce you to go to a private space with them (a car, a bedroom, or a house) end the date immediately. You don't owe them your kindness.
  • Report any suspicious behavior immediately following your date.
  • Take pepper spray and an assault alarm with you.
  • Use your excellent stalking skills to find someone that you and your date both know via social media or in-person connections. Reach out to them to ask about this person. Make your date aware that you both know this person. Sexual predators do not want their actions to be public.
  • Take a screenshot of a person's profile before going out with them.
  • Look for red flags while messaging potential dates. Have they said anything that is illicit or makes you feel uncomfortable?

You are in control of who you go out with. If you ever feel pressure to go out with someone, just end the conversation. No explanation needed.

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