How do I activate MutualUp with my promo code?

Please note: Update your Mutual app to the latest version before redeeming your promo code. Make sure to redeem your promo code from your mobile device, not your computer. 

Once you have received your promo code, follow these instructions: 

1. Log into your email on a mobile device where Mutual is already downloaded and logged into the account in which you wish to activate MutualUp

2. Locate the promo code email that was sent to you

3. Tap redeem in the email

4. A pop-up will appear; select "Redeem"

If you are unable to redeem the code from your email, try the following: 

1. Open the Mutual app

2. Tap on the profile icon (bottom right corner) 

3. Tap MutualUp

4. Tap the gift icon in the top right corner

5. Copy your unused code from your email, and paste it into the section under the heading "Enter Promo/Event Code

6. A pop-up will appear; select "Redeem"

Don’t worry; you have plenty of time. These codes never expire until after use. Let us know if you need any extra help by visiting!

For more info about promo codes and subscriptions check out our blog post on this topic.

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