I have 5 photos, how do I add more?

We only allow 5 main profile photos for each account, but there are other ways to add more profiles to your account!

About Me Photos

You can add 3 photos to your About Me, one attached to each of your 3 prompts.

To add a photo to your About Me prompts:

  1. Go to your Mutual Account page
  2. Tap "My Profile"
  3. Tap "About Me"
  4. Tap the pencil and note icon for one of your prompts
  5. Tap "Edit your Answer"
  6. Tap "Choose a Photo"
  7. Select a photo from either your camera roll or another app

Instagram Photos

You can also integrate your Instagram into Mutual and show a feed of your latest Instagram posts.

To connect your Instagram account:

  1. Go to your Mutual Account page
  2. Tap "My Profile"
  3. Tap "Profile Photos"
  4. There will be a rectangular box next to your photos with a camera icon inside of it and the caption, "Connect Instagram." Tap that.
  5. Tap "Continue with Facebook" or enter your Instagram login info and tap "Log in" to connect!
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