Why did one or more of my matches disappear?

A match will last forever (moving to your archived section if you stop talking) so long as neither party ends the match. However, a match can disappear for a few different reasons. 

If one of your matches has disappeared, then one of the following things has occurred:

  1. The person you matched with deliberately unmatched you.
  2. The person you matched with accidentally unmatched you.
  3. The person you matched with deleted their account.
  4. You accidentally unmatched them.
  5. You have signed into the wrong Mutual account.
    1. Each login method (Phone Number, Facebook, & Apple) will create a unique account. It is common for people to create a second account by mistake.
    2. If you are signed into the wrong Mutual account, go to Account>Settings>Log Out to return to the login screen. From there, you can try different logins to see if you can find the correct account.

*Please note that an unmatching is irreversible, even accidental ones.

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