What is mutualDates?

mutualDates is a new feature in Mutual that makes dating easier and keeps you out of a dating rut! Discover a wide variety of delightful dates near you* at exclusively discounted prices! Most dates are curated and priced for two.

The more you use mutualDates, the more fun you have 🎉The more you use mutualDates, the more 💲💲💲 you save!!The more you use mutualDates, the closer you get to 💍👰🤵 (and possibly, even 👶🍼)

Mutual’s primary goal has always been to create a space where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can easily and safely meet others, make great friends, and ultimately find an eternal companion. We’ve seen a lot of success over the years!

Want a creative date? We got it!Looking to grab a bite? Let us save you some dough.Craving high adventure? We’ve. Got. You. Covered.

Mutual is partnering with awesome companies to curate a series of dating experiences for you. 💸 We’ve negotiated exclusive discounts to make mutualDates fun and affordable! New businesses join mutualDates every month, so there will always be new experiences to look forward to.

When you swipe and discover that It’s Mutual, it can feel great! (… queue dopamine spike.) However, matching is only the first of many steps in building a lasting relationship. IYKYK. 💌 It isn’t easy to form lasting connections or even two-way conversations sometimes!

Add ALL that + planning cool dates + the weight of paying for them… getting from It’s mutual to marriage can seem as daunting as climbing Everest. You start to think, “Sure, people CAN do it all, but is it worth the climb?” ⛰️ Been there… felt that…

Enter mutualDates (basically, the metaphoric ‘ski lift’ to the top of the mountain.) Find a fun activity, and cut through all that red tape. Share it via in-app messages or nearly any other way you may have been communicating. Meet up in person and get to know each other better.

This new feature is so ambitious that we may even make it its own app one day (probably soon- if you’re catching my drift!) New dates are added regularly.

Start now, and search through mutualDates in-app. Check out our blog post about how to

If you have a business and would like to be added as a partner on mutualDates, please send your information to charles@mutual.app.

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