What Is mutualUp?

Our premium service is called mutualUp, and it gives you access to a wide variety of additional features designed to improve your Mutual experience and expand your match possibilites.

Features of mutualUp

See Who Likes Me

We know you’re popular and people dig you. Finding your admirers is the hard part! How about removing some of the mystery? See Who Likes Me creates a special queue of all of the users that have swiped up you on you, but you haven’t matched with yet! 

Ward Hop

Search anywhere around the world. Planning a trip to another city and want to scope out singles in the area? Ward Hop allows you to set your location to anywhere on the globe as if you were actually there and make matches. Other users in that area will be able to swipe on you and you on them. This, coupled with See Who Likes Me is the ultimate combo.

Profile Boost

Nobody likes waiting in line. Give yourself an extra boost, and get seen by others sooner, and match even faster!

Unlimited Double Takes

Everyone makes mistakes. Undo your last swipe and bring them back without having to go through the entire queue. Unlimited Double Takes removes the limit of the number of times you can undo your last swipe. 

Ninja Mode

Some people would prefer to keep their profile on the down-low. We get it. With Ninja Mode, you can hide your profile from everyone except those you swipe upon. Perfect for the stealthy swiper.

Daily Notes

Did you know you can send a message before matching? Notes are an awesome way to really make yourself stand out to a potential match. Send a Note to someone special every day and increase your chance at a match. MutualUp users get +1 Note every day!

No Ads

Hey, ads pay our bills… but so does MutualUp! No Ads lets you totally remove ads from your swiping experience.

Height Filter

We were surprised that this was one of the most requested features! During the creation of your profile, you aren’t setting your height for no reason. With the Height Filter, you can narrow your search by height. Doesn’t get more straightforward than that.

To upgrade to MutualUp, open Mutual on your phone and select it from the menu area of the app.

Read Receipts

In messaging, you can now find out if someone has seen your latest message!

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